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Trading Secrets

Aug 9, 2021

We know Zac Clark from his beautiful love story on The Bachelorette with his fiancé Tayshia Adams, who now co-hosts The Bachelorette with Jason’s fiancé Kaitlyn Bristowe. But on this episode, Zac discusses his days before the beautiful love story, specifically the dark chapters of his history which lead him down the road of excessive drinking, drugs and addiction. Zac talks about what he did as an addict to hide his addiction, how he paid for the drugs, and the scary things he learned about the illegal business of drug dealing. His life story takes a dark turn to a truly inspiring, Restart moment Zac will never forget and will always appreciate. Zac trades all of his personal and professional secrets he’s learned along the way, from hitting rock bottom to founding “Release Recovery,” which assists people in the same shoes in which he once was. This is an episode that we will remember forever. 

Host: Jason Tartick

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Voice of Viewer: David Arduin

Executive Producer: Evan Sahr

Produced by Dear Media.