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Trading Secrets

Jun 13, 2022

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In this week’s episode, best-selling author, content producer, and world-renowned motivational speaker, Ben Nemtin, joins Jason as they dive behind the scenes of all things “The Buried Life” and the work behind motivational speaking. Ben gives insight on how to start working through your own bucket list and overcome the obstacles, what is next on his own bucket list, and the routes you can take to get into a speaking career. How were they funding The Buried Life at the start? What was the timeline from conception to airing on TV? What is the process of working as a motivational speaker? Ben reveals some of the most memorable moments of the show, how they negotiated to keep control over their content after landing at MTV, the importance of mental health, and how to make the impossible possible. It’s another episode you can’t afford to miss. 


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Host: Jason Tartick

Voice of Viewer: David Arduin

Executive Producer: Evan Sahr


Produced by Dear Media.