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Trading Secrets

Oct 4, 2021

Ask a former producer of “The Maury Show” how to brand your business and you may be surprised by the answer…go for the shock value. That is specifically what Pinky Cole did when she branded her restaurants the “Slutty Vegan”. Since doing so, she has had “virgins” aka Slutty Vegan new clients, wait in line up to 8 hours to get a meal! But it wasn’t all a sexy picture for Pinky as her first restaurant went bankrupt after a disastrous grease fire! She didn’t have insurance and lost every penny of the $1,000,000 that she had self funded. Listen to hear bounce back and brilliant branding story!

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Host: Jason Tartick

Voice of Viewer: David Arduin

Executive Producer: Evan Sahr

Produced by Dear Media.