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Trading Secrets

Oct 24, 2022

This week, Jason is joined by actor, singer, activist and Broadway superstar, Miguel Cervantes! 


Miguel took on the lead role of Alexander Hamilton in the Chicago production Hamilton from 2016 to January 2020 where he then went on to play that same leading role on Broadway at the Richards Rogers Theater in New York, NY. He quickly became one of the more well known Broadway stars after Hamilton took the country by storm and continues to today. Beyond Hamilton, Miguel also has dedicated a big part of his life to advocacy for something closer to home. 


Miguel shares insights to what it was like working on Broadway during the height of COVID and the impact it had on the live acting community, how opportunities happen when they are meant to and why preparation is the only antidote to fear and anxiety. Miguel also reveals what the typical week looks like for theater actors, the secret behind his side hustle Shu Caddy and what inspired it, his campaign “My Shot at Epilepsy” and continued support of CURE Epilepsy in honor of his daughter, Adelaide and the parallels he has with the Hamilton story. Did he always know he wanted to be a performer? What is a workshop agreement?  How is Miguel using his platform to share what CURE does? Where did the idea for Shu Caddy come from? 


Miguel reveals all that and so much more in another episode you can’t afford to miss! 


For more information: 

CURE Epilepsy 

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