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Trading Secrets

Mar 28, 2022

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In this week’s episode, Real Housewives of NYC original cast member and self-made entrepreneur Ramona Singer shares how her fearlessness and go-getter personality paid off in her remarkable career. Prior to being cast on the show, Ramona was a powerful force to be reckoned with in the world of fashion. At the pinnacle of her fashion career, she was doing $15 million a year in sales! Curious how she did it? Or how she landed a spot on the very first season of RHONY? Or maybe the dollar signs associated with the show and the behind-the-scenes negotiations with Bravo? While the exposure from RHONY is what propelled her to stardom and brought along many additional exciting business opportunities, there’s no denying that her strong business acumen was an essential part of her success. If you’re seeking advice on how to succeed in business, when to buy or sell your property in the current housing market, how to negotiate for yourself, or even the best approach to investing your money in the stock market when you don’t know what to do, this is an episode that you cannot afford to miss.


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Host: Jason Tartick

Voice of Viewer: David Arduin

Executive Producer: Evan Sahr


Produced by Dear Media.